Preparing for Winter



Jack Frost is knocking on our door!  Is your lawn ready for winter?

Cooler temperatures slow the rate of growth above ground and provide an opportunity for plants to focus on their root. Leaf removal, trimming and cutback are prime tasks to complete before the season’s first snow. 

If you feel unsure about how to proceed, call LawnBoy Lawn Services!

Leaf Removal:
After mowing your lawn a final time (short, but not too short) leaves should be able to blow right across instead of getting stuck in long blades of grass. This should also be helpful when it comes to removing these leaves from your yard. Rake, blow or bag up the leaves to keep your lawn healthy as sunlight and nutrients need to get into the soil and continue to support a healthy growth for next spring. 

Cutting Back:
Your lawn isn’t the only part of the yard that needs your attention. Take a look at your flower beds. Perennials that have completed their flowering process should be cut down close to the ground. This will ensure that most of the plant’s energy can be focused on the root for healthy growth in the spring. Remove spent annuals and keep an eye out for over-crowding. Every few years separate the overcrowded plants to give everyone a little breathing room. You don’t like to be crowded and neither do your plants.

Late fall is perfect for trimming lifeless branches on the smaller trees around your house. If left alone, broken, diseased or injured branches may pose a danger to your home. Winter weather may cause weak branches to fall or blow about with the wind. When trimming a smaller branch cut close to the trunk but leave enough space for the cut area to heal. Some tree branches go dormant as the season’s change. If you’re not sure if a branch is lifeless or simply sleeping, or if you’ve got a larger tree to tackle, call LawnBoy for an expert opinion.

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Fall Lawn Care Tips

The leaves are falling! The leaves are falling! 

The calendar has officially turned to fall and the pools are closing up. As we say goodbye to lakes and hello to tailgates, there are a few important points to remember about your lawn. The end of summer doesn’t mean your lawn-care duties are on their way out. 

In fact, this is one of the most crucial times to encourage your healthy, happy lawn all year long. 

Here are 3 tips for Fall Lawn Care that you shouldn’t overlook:

Thatch Removal:

Thatch is the collection of roots, leaves and stems that have yet to decompose. An untreated collection of thatch will block the light, water and important nutrients from making their way to your healthy grass. It is important that lawns be de-thatched appropriately. Removing too much at once can do more harm than good and you may have to start over from scratch! More than one de-thatching session may be necessary. Depending on the size of your lawn a manual thatching rake or a vertical mower may do the trick. 


Aeration is one of the best ways to prepare your lawn for the colder winter months. It helps prepare your lawn to receive the necessary nutrients for a healthier, heartier lawn in the spring. It also prepares your lawn to receive the necessary seeding, best done in the fall to promote healthy grass growth. There are better ways to aerate than walking around in your golf spikes. 


The days are cooler and the breeze floats gently through your yard. A great time to be outside taking care of everything you’ve put off when the sun was scorching. The kids, pets and weather have taken a toll and your lawn is begging for a new start. Fear not! With proper knowledge, preparation, and tools, you can give your lawn the fresh roots it needs to survive the winter. The correct balance of aeration, seeding, water and timing are key to preparing your yard for the cooler weather. Overseeding can actually give your lawn the nutrients necessary to be hearty and robust come spring. 

Do you have questions about thatch removal, aeration and seeding? LawnBoy Lawn Services would be happy to provide assistance with your lawn care needs. 

Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

LawnBoy Service stands a YARD above the rest!